The Traverser.

Welcome to the Traverser.

The Traverser provides an easy way to share tables of information over the Internet. In a few hours, you can create powerful software applications with common core features including navigation, editing, sorts, searches, and lookups.

You can link tables together using values in rows and columns that are the same in both tables. Then you can "traverse" from table to table in an ongoing chain, moving left, right, up, and down, among tables and within them.

Once the table columns and starting sort orders are set up, you're good to go! Click here to learn more.

The Traverser can be downloaded from the SourceForge Project Page and run on servers that have MySQL and PHP.


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Copyright © 2004 Tom Cleland
Revised: May 12, 20044

Live Demo

This demonstration version is read-only and skips the login process. Example tables have already been structured, and are displayed when you first open the Traverser by clicking the link below:

Live Demo

A wide-ranging database that showcases Traverser functionality.